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Learn more about our unique selection of ingredients, inspired by our ancestors practices, and their benefits for the skin.

Locally Sourced

When we say locally sourced, we mean it! Just under 90% of our formulations are made with ingredients grown in our and Lalla Mama’s home country - Morocco.

We have met with multiple local farmers and suppliers to carefully select the most sustainable and highest quality ingredients for our products. As Morocco is as a land of great geographical and biological diversity, we are able to introduce you to ingredients found exclusively in the region such as Argan Oil & Prickly Pear Seed Oil.

Passed the test of time

Getting it's independance in the 20th century, Morocco is one of the ancient nation steeped in history. While the country was inhabited by prehistoric man, it was also the land of the ancestors of today's Berbers, the Moors at the time of the first Phoenician-Punic navigators, the Carthaginians and the Romans.

Our formulations are based on ancient recipes and contain ingredients which have been used for centuries by the local people. We’ve carefully studied the fascinating knowledge found in local literature, scientific papers and our grandmas skincare recipe books! Yes, they are our biggest inspiration and what makes our formulas truly unique. We haven’t forgotten about modern practices either - we have combined the local ancient skincare traditions with cutting-edge innovation techniques to create our modern skincare that has passed the test of time.

Principal Ingredients

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Get gorgeous skin with natural-biocompatible skincare that works. We ethically source vegan ingredients from the vibrant intelligence of nature, without any toxins or fillers, ever.

Each product delivers potent concentrations of plant actives that are known for their nourishing vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidant properties. Every scoop, spritz and slather is a sensorial, indulgent experience that can make an extraordinary difference for your skin, as well as the planet.

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